Calisthenics Classes in Lebanon

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Calisthenics Classes

Calisthenics Class in Lebanon with Johnny Yammin

Johnny is one of those teachers who is impossible to dislike! He has had a lengthy relationship with the body and has carefully examined every aspect of it since it fascinates him. He is certified in a variety of exercises, including calisthenics, functional conditioning, suspension training and kettlebells.

He has a remarkable grasp of the human body and his excitement for his work is contagious. He has the power to inspire a passion of exercise in you and does it in a fun manner.

He has over 15 years of experience, yet his enthusiasm has not diminished, rather it has become more refined over time.

Johnny Yammin, Calisthenics Teacher

This class includes body weight exercises, mobility exercises, fun repetitions, drills and so much more. Johnny’s mantra during the class is “form and breath”. During the session the students not only train their body but also their mind, focusing on the alignment of the exercise and its form rather than the goal.

Johnny is obsessive about alignment and yet manages to make it all lighthearted. For him, as someone said “no human should remain an amateur of physical training. It’s a shame for a human to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable”


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