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Accepting The State We Are In, Accepting Ourselves.

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Accepting the state we are: We’re made up of imperfections and mistakes, but that doesn’t change the fact that we’re here, that we exist. When we learn to accept ourselves – all of our flaws, our sadness, our pasts – then our lives are filled with peace. Learning to accept ourselves can be difficult. It can be even more difficult to accept the parts of ourselves that we cannot change. But if we commit to making changes in our lives, it can make us feel more fulfilled and content with who we are.

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Meditations Styles? Explore Different Forms to Find Yours. This Guide Will Help You.

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There are some meditation styles practices that may be appropriate for your personality and stage in life. Meditations styles? Explore different forms. Meditations styles: In our first long-format podcast, we talked about how and what to do to easily start your meditation journey. Today, we’ll explore some different meditation styles.  When we decide to meditate, what we actually do is …