Yoga Studio

Find Harmony in Nature

Join us on this zen away ambiance, where harmony fills our hearts, hiking fills our souls, and where we disconnect from our busy schedule to reconnect with ourselves and nature.ย 

Two Days Retreat

Our stay will be in a stunning mountain hideaway at the gateway of the Shouf Cedar Reserve.

Itโ€™s all about hiking, happiness and healthy living to find harmony within our body and mind

Come zen away with us!

When & Where

  • Two days retreat, Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th of June
  • AL FUNDOK HOTEL, located at the gate at the Shouf Biosphere Reserve, in the village of Maasser el Shouf, in a peaceful and serene location surrounded by nature.

Teachers:ย  Kaline Aoun & Jana Saleh

What to expect: Yoga, Breathing, Meditation, Hiking, Great food, Bonfire, and Amazing Company

Break down of the week end:


8.15 am Meeting At Martyr Square

10 am Hike in Ain Zhalta Reserve (Bring your mats to the hike))

11 am Yoga During Hikeย 

2.30 pm Lunchย 

3 pm Check In Rooms

4.30 pm Tea and Fruitsย 

5.30 pm Yogaย 

7.30 pm Dinnerย 

8.30 pm Bonfire With Kirtanย 


7.30 am Yogaย 

9 am Breakfast

10 am Hike In The Maaser El Shouf

1.30 pm Lunchย 

2.30ย  Gatheringย ย ย 

Prices: Single Room:ย  $250*

Double Room: $200*

ย  Daily Pass Saturday: $90*

Contact us for More Info.

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