From Theory to Practice

A Couple's Journey in Integrating Movement,Spiritual Philosophy, Magic and Biohacking.

Hey there, I’m Jana, and together with my husband Gaston and our son Awkan, we’re on a mission to cultivate a holistic lifestyle that incorporates yoga, Spiritual philosophy, and biohacking. I’m originally from Lebanon, while Gaston hails from Argentina, and we’re both passionate about exploring new ways to optimize our health, well-being, connection and understanding of ourselves.

As a family, we’ve embarked on a journey of self-discovery, experimenting with various practices and techniques to find what works best for us. We’ve tried everything from yoga to meditation, to mindfulness practices and biohacking, and we’re excited to share our journey with you.

In this BLOG, We’ll be sharing our story and how we’ve integrated what we are learning into our daily lives. We’ve faced many challenges along the way, but the rewards have been immense, helping us grow as individuals and as a family. I hope our journey inspires you to explore these practices and discover your own path towards a better understanding of our self.

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