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A journey of unity and self realization

We all are on a journey to a deeper understanding of life and of who we are, some of us consciously, some of us unconsciously. Step by step, with each experience and challenge, we are invited to define and manifest who we are and who we choose to be.

During this three day transformational journey, in the beautiful mountains of Lebanon, guided by Jana, Yoga Instructor and Rebirther and Karima, Rebirther & Coach, we invite you to take a break from your daily routine to reflect, to breathe and receive concrete tools and exercises to bring more clarity and awareness into your life and to gently realign with your core values and your essence, in a loving way.

The retreat will be a plateforme for you to :

  • Heal and let go of the old and the unnecessary, 
  • Connect and align with your essence and 
  • Start manifesting your dreams and the highest expression of yourSelf in a concrete way.

In a peaceful setting, surrounded by trees, we will gently release blocages, traumas, limiting belief systems on all levels (physical, emotional and mental), reconnect with our essence and our body and implement a new reality in our life, more unified, fulfilling and aligned with our higher self.

We are preparing for you a beautiful program

who are we ?

We have loved each other for many years and are so happy to have shared some crazy moments and a lot of laughs (more to come soon !). We both love people….and are passionate about what we do


I am a certified yoga instructor from the Fédération Nationale des Enseignants de Yoga (FNEY), where I studied for four years before presenting my Thesis on yoga and self knowledge.

In addition to my yoga practice and teaching, I am also passionate about the breath and its ability to support people in different stages of their lives. I specialize in using Rebirthing as a tool to help individuals move through traumas or feelings of being stuck.


On a personal level, I am committed to my own ongoing growth. I believe that my own self-awareness and my own self mastery is essential to being effective in what i do

I take life lightly, I love to laugh, have fun and be silly. 


After spending more than 20 years living in Beirut, I now reside with my husband in a beautiful part of Switzerland, close to Geneva. Today, I am dedicated to supporting individuals in achieving freedom, empowerment and fulfillment through various methods such as Rebirthing, tarot birth charts, circle of forgiveness, and intuitive healing.


I offer private sessions, group healings and training in Switzerland, Lebanon, Saudi and soon in Mauritius, combining my love for people and traveling the world. I am passionate about learning, exploring my Soul and accompanying people feel empowered and free.

Friday the 29th, Saturday the 30th of September and Sunday the 1st of October

Time: 2pm Friday to 5pm Sunday

Location: WoodHills Resort Mayrouba

Retreat Contribution (including lunch breaks and coffee breaks) : 380 USD No Accommodation

For those who wish to spend the night Rooms Prices are:

Single Room: 100$ per night

Double Room: 130$ per night

Triple Room: 145$ per night


A 50% deposit is required to secure your spot, and full payment to be made two weeks prior to the retreat.

Retreat includes

For reservation contact Us.

For all levels, to empower mind and body.

Extra Information


“Rebirthing is a journey from what you think you are…through who you fear you might be…to who you really are.” – Leonard Orr

Rebirthing is a powerful transformational experience that helps you align with your Higher Self & your core values and releases the negative subconscious schemes that sabotage your life. 

“Words can help you understand, experience gives you knowledge.”   – Neale Donald Walsch

It is based on a:

1- Connected & conscious breathing 

It calms the mind & helps to deeply release stress, fears, limiting beliefs and other psychosomatic symptoms in the physical, emotional and mental bodies.

“They did not know it was impossible so they did it.”  – Mark Twain

2- Re-writing of the script of our life through positive affirmations to align with our deepest nature, express who we truly are and fulfill our heart’s aspirations.

Circle of Forgiveness 

Created in 2012 by Olivier Clerc & Don Miguel Ruiz (the 4 Tolteque agreements) a Circle of Forgiveness is a beautiful ritual, simple and powerful, that allows you to free your heart from resentment, grudges and hatred, letting the energy of love flow again into your life.

With a transpersonal approach and without having to disclose anything private, a circle of forgiveness enables you to forgive others and yourself, including those who are not present or who have passed away. It is a powerful tool to take again responsibility for your life and step out victimization and disempowerment. A circle of forgiveness brings people together in a new way, creating an immediate bounding and restoring trust & confidence in life and in our fellow human brothers and sisters. It changes the dynamic & the relationships in families and beyond. Let’s be the change we wish to see in the world.

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