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Yoga Classes Schedule - Try for Free your Fisrt Class

Yoga Classes Schedule – Find Your Zen with  Classes for All Levels at Lama Yulu.

We are dedicated to helping you unlock your inner peace and well-being through our wide range of yoga classes and wellness programs. Our experienced instructors will guide you through proper breathwork and postures, tailored to fit all levels of experience, to help you build strength and flexibility.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to improve your mental, physical, and emotional health through our special classes, workshops and events. Additionally, by booking your spot today and discovering the rewards of yoga at our studio, you can take your first step towards inner peace and well-being. Finally, don’t hesitate to check out our yoga studio schedule now!

Yoga Schedule

Yoga Classes Schedule


Most frequent questions and answers

Lama Yulu Studio is located in Dbayeh, Mont  Liban. We are on the main internal road of Dbayeh. Or you can click on the Map

If you are not sure which class to join, you can try the class before commiting. If you like it you pay the monthly subscription, and if you don’t like it, well you would have tried 🙂

Monthly Prices

Yes, we do!! Are you Planning a workshop a Small Birthday or a Meeting? Lama Yulu offers a Fully Equipped Place. Inside, Outside,  and The Garden Area 

For more info 

Check our Blog Here!! You can Join all our classes except for Pilates! The teachers will guide you and take special care of you and your Baby. 

If you have a yoga mat you can bring it and put it over our mats, if not, please get a towel with you and of course your water 

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Our Classes

Hatha Yoga Class

Hatha Yoga Classes

Teacher: Jana

Pilates Classes

Pilates Classes

Teacher: Amusia Sukkar

Yoga for Teens Classes

Teacher: Angie Hassoun

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga Classes

Teacher: Kaline

Calisthenics Classes

Teacher: Johnny

Yoga For Kids

Yoga for Kids

Teacher: Kikky
Naim (French)

Qi Gong Classes

Teacher: Mireille Safar

Personal Defense Class

Teacher: Rami Abou Jaoude