Yoga Flow Classes in Lebanon

Yoga Flow Classes

Yoga For Teens Class in Lebanon with Angie Hassoun

Hello, I’m Angie, a dedicated yoga practitioner and teacher. When I needed yoga the most, it came to me, and it helped me overcome a long-term lung condition. After experiencing first-hand the power of yoga, and the amazing well-being it generates, I became a dedicated yoga enthusiast for almost a decade…. Until I realized I would also like to share it with the world. I decided to get certified and start teaching. Fortunately, my journey is evolving more and more into how I would like it to be; yoga as a therapeutic tool to help people connect to their healing powers.

Angie Hassoun, Yoga Flow Teacher

Often times we overlook the stressful environment in which teens are living. The school, social pressure, the amount of work they have, their individual internal growth. It is around adolescence that they start affirming their personalities, self-esteem and their sense of worth. 

It is a lot! Wouldn’t you agree?

During this class, the students will not only learn to release the tensions accumulated in their bodies but they will learn tools to help them reduce their stress and anxiety, and help them go through life feeling a bit more confident. Creating healthy habits from a young age, and learning how to manage one’s emotional state are great tools to have in life.

The class will be divided into 4 sections

1- Guided meditation: to create the habit of quietening the mind

2- Breathing: to learn to use the breath to create any desired state (if tired and need an upper you would use the breath in a different way than if you are feeling anxious)

3- The asanas or the physical work that is combined with conscious breathing to help us release the tensions in the body, and activate the flow of prana.

4- Wrapping up the session with a short relaxation to help release and let go.


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