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Yoga Studio in Lebanon. Yoga, Pilates, Calisthenics, and Qigong Classes.

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How our Yoga Studio Can Assist


Reduces stress levels, helps you sleep better, more energy and brighter moods, better understanding of oneself, helps you build mental and physical strength and flexibility. Reduces anxiety and helps you shift your perceptions

Body Training

A conscious body work keeps your joints young, your muscles oxygenated, improves blood circulation, mobility, and a general feel good sensation due to the increase endorphins released.


The breath has a direct and quick effect on our physiology. The heart rate can be slowed down and stress can be reversed in minutes.

Workshops and Programs

Workshops and programs help increase our knowledge, introduce us to new concepts and techniques and help you alter your perspective on the world


This powerful breathwork allows you to reach different states of consciousness, where a belief can be deprogrammed and a new one programmed instead.

One on One

Whether you are interested in deepening your practice, or weather you would like some coaching, a breathwork session or some energy work, a private session is always more centered on you and your needs.

Welcome to Lama Yulu Yoga Studio, a peaceful and welcoming haven for those seeking to connect with their innermost selves and heal from within. Our skilled and supportive instructors offer a wide range of yoga classes, pilates, calisthenics, and other holistic programs that can help you find relief from stress and tension, improve flexibility and strength, and discover your own path to wellness. Come visit us and discover the transformative power of yoga, or explore our class schedule and find the perfect class for you. We also offer yoga for kids, so the whole family can benefit from the practice. We look forward to seeing you on the mat soon!

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Our Classes

Hatha Yoga Classes

Teacher: Jana

Pilates Classes

Teacher: Amusia Sukkar

Yoga Flow Classes

Teacher: Angie Hassoun

Yin Yoga Classes

Teacher: Kaline

Calisthenics Classes

Teacher: Johnny

Yoga for Kids

Teacher: Kikky
Naim (French)

Qi Gong Classes

Teacher: Mireille Safar

Personal Defense Class

Teacher: Rami Abou Jaoude

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A Space to Connect with Your Inner Self.

The outer world is but a mere reflection of our inner world. Clean your garden, and the flowers will bloom

Jana Saleh
Co- Founder

To Heal we Need to Feel. We Need to Feel the Dark and the Light. 

Gaston Valenzuela

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