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Release From the Everyday Chaos, Classes to uplift your Soul.

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Zen Out and Unwind

Immerse yourself in a Calm Yoga Studio. We created a safe space for you to let go.

Flex and Flow

Build mental and physical strength, improve flexibility, and enhance well-being.

Breathe In, Bliss Out

Privates Sessions of Sacred Breathing, Rebirth & Soma.

Awaken Your Spirit

Elevate your spiritual journey with our transformative workshops and programs.

Space to Create

Setting for your workshops, circles, or ceremonies? Studio is available for private rentals

Spiritual Guidance

Personalized Spiritual Work, we help you map, and give you tools to growth.

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Our Classes

Hatha Yoga Classes

Teacher: Jana

Pilates Classes

Teacher: Amusia Sukkar

Yin Yoga Classes

Teacher: Kaline

Calisthenics Classes

Teacher: Johnny

Yoga for Kids

Teacher: Kikky
Naim (French)

Tension Release

Teacher: Rita

Welcome to Lama Yulu Yoga Studio, a peaceful and welcoming haven for those seeking to connect with their innermost selves and heal from within. Our skilled and supportive instructors offer a wide range of yoga classes, pilates, calisthenics, and other holistic programs that can help you find relief from stress and tension, improve flexibility and strength, and discover your own path to wellness. Come visit us and discover the transformative power of yoga, or explore our class schedule and find the perfect class for you. We also offer yoga for kids, so the whole family can benefit from the practice. We look forward to seeing you on the mat soon!