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Hatha Yoga, where ancient postures and mindful breathing harmonize body and spirit. Guided by our founders’ wisdom, deepen your practice in a serene space that nurtures inner peace.

Engage in our Pilates class Activate your body and enhance your core strength, promoting flexibility and coordination in a focused, energizing morning workout.

Join our Bodyweight Training classes, accessible for all ages and levels, to build strength, enhance endurance, and improve mobility through dynamic, no-equipment workouts.

Dive deep into tranquility with Yin Yoga; long-held poses gently stretch and rejuvenate, offering a peaceful retreat to end your day.

Ignite imagination and movement in our Yoga for Kids! Engaging stories and fun poses nurture flexibility, strength, and joy in young yogis.

Unwind and heal with our Tension Release class. Yoga blends with energy healing to soothe your body and mind, erasing stress for inner peace.

Wake up to invigorating Saturday Vinyasa. Flow through energizing sequences that boost strength, flexibility, and mindfulness for the perfect weekend start.

Empower your journey with Self-Defense at Lama Yulu. Master key techniques in a safe, supportive space. Transform vigilance into strength, skills that protect and empower you. Start your path to confidence and resilience with us.

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