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Gae-Hyul: Heart Opening Workshop

We are delighted to present again  this amazing heart opening workshop. What is not healed and released creates your future. Which means, the past will keep repeating itself until it is healed. 

“Gae-Hyul” means to brighten or to open an energetic point and refers to our energetic & emotional center, the 4th chakra or our Heart center.


by combining your conscious awareness with dynamic and strong movement to open your energetic, meridian and neurological points; bursting, twisting, rotating, stretching, swinging in all movements pertaining to the same. A true Kinesthetic Experience!

This experience will make you delve into your deep psychologically rooted symptoms in the body. Our goal is to help release them and raise consciousness by moving into our Heart space.

Be Me @braineducationme

Here we Ask our hearts what we really want and where are we heading to now!

This isnt your average heart guided meditation. Its an active and vigourous quest for your essence, which lies in your heart and energetic center

What to expect from this workshop:

  1. Learning on mind-body connection that will be presented based on western body/brain-science mapping as well as Eastern meridian–based practices and philosophies.
  2. Raise consciousness and sense of inner self
  3. Combine conscious awareness with dynamic movement 
  4. Delve into psychologically rooted symptoms in the body
  5. A profound and powerful experience not to be missed!
  6. Feeling how “Gae-Hyul” Heart Opening is about learning,  healing as well as evolving

‏When: Saturday 18th November 2023

Where: Lama Yulu Wellness Center

Time:  A full day workshop from 9:30 am to 17:30 pm

Workshop fee: 100$

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