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Osho Rebalancing Massage

A Unique Approach

Rebalancing: Dive deep into a transformative experience with the rebalancing technique, which focuses on profound bodywork. This includes fascia level treatment, tissue massage, joint development, and a blend of breathing techniques, energy practices, and meditation.

Facial Brush Massage + Palsing: Revitalize your face and body with a unique combination of hand massage, jade roller techniques, and the use of 14 different brushes. Palsing offers a holistic vibratory massage experience.

Standing on Nails: Challenge your mental clarity and physical endurance. This practice engages every layer of the body, from muscular to lymphatic.

Rebozo Massage: Hailing from Mexico, experience the gentle embrace of the hand-woven rebozo cloths. It’s a therapeutic wonder, especially for expectant mothers and those in postpartum recovery. But everyone, irrespective of gender, can indulge.

Sacral or Postpartum Swaddling: Rooted in the Mexican tradition, this comprehensive treatment is a journey lasting 5-7 hours. Whether you’re seeking psychological reflection, an herbal bath, or the comfort of a rebozo massage, this tradition encompasses it all. Plus, the oil massage and swaddling provide the perfect conclusion to a day of self-care.

Core Objectives of Rebalancing:

Revitalize Body Systems: From muscular to lymphatic, every system is rebooted to its optimum potential.

Spinal and Pelvic Corrections: Realignment of the spine and pelvis helps rectify postural concerns.

Emotional and Energetic Harmony: By synchronizing the body’s energies, one’s emotional state finds its balance.

Enhanced Body Connection: Rebalancing fosters a stronger bond with one’s body, making one attuned to its signals.

Expanded Self-awareness: Discover latent emotions, reactions, and thought patterns that often lie dormant.

Eliminating Blocks: Whether physical clamps or emotional blocks, Rebalancing ensures their dissolution.

Conscious Living: By nurturing one’s inner truth, it paves the path for a life lived in harmony with oneself.

Transformational Journey: Witnessing the transformative power of Rebalancing, Anastasia has seen individuals evolve, as they begin to truly listen to themselves. The betterment of the body parallels the enrichment of life’s quality.

Structured Path to Balance:

The first 3 rebalancing sessions are basic, preparatory before the main course.

1. Opening Breath.
Here we mainly work with the back, neck and chest muscles.
2. Grounding and stability
On a physical level this session continues the process of horizontal balancing of the pelvis, “opening” the surface of the feet, helps to balance the whole musculoskeletal system of the legs.
3. Working with the lateral surfaces, shoulders, arms, pelvic area.
The ability to give and receive is the basis for a harmonious relationship with others. By working on shoulders and pelvic area we revitalize energy flow, our interaction with the world becomes more spontaneous and less rigid.

Next we move on to more complex levels.
In the next few sessions we move to the ‘central’ structures of the body, encountering more subtle energies and movements that relate to the ‘function of existence’ (our inner power and presence). In these central structures we often hide our deep feelings and our real being from those around us.

In sessions 1-7 we prepared the body for a more harmonious flow of energy. We see where and how imbalances are created. Realise how much we get used to it, that it feels natural. In the next sessions 8 to 10 we begin to connect all parts of the body together, creating a new balance that is connected to the centre. This balance feels light, fluid, soft and graceful.


Before mastering these arts, Anastasia traversed diverse terrains of self-growth. She danced to the rhythms of the world, channeled voices through meditations, and connected with the universe via energy practices. These experiences were not just skills acquired; they were integral in shaping her perspective.

With an innate ability to massage, friends and acquaintances would frequently seek her touch for relief. This early indication coupled with her exploration of the self led to the creation of a comprehensive approach. Anastasia’s methods aim to reconnect individuals with their inner silence, provide clarity, and ignite the innate mechanism of self-healing present in every individual.

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