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Hatha Yoga Classes in Lebanon with Jana Saleh, whose Yoga journey began over 20 years ago. Gradually, the journey turned into a philosophy of life, infusing day-to-day living with meaning and purpose… She studied under the ‘Federation Nationale des Enseignants de Yoga’ (FNEY) for 4 years and presented her thesis on Yoga and Self-knowledge. She teaches yoga in the depth of it and considers the breath our only saviour. Self-awareness is her main goal and feels that the ability to see pre-existing patterns would be the first step in not repeating them.

Jana Saleh Hatha Yoga and Holistic Practitioner

Jana is passionate about teaching and believes that passing on the art of yoga is a spiritual process. Her yoga sessions incorporate everything she’s learned over the years. She concentrates on the appropriate alignment of the pose and explains everything thoroughly. The students have more opportunities to watch themselves and correct their breath and posture because the poses are held for longer periods of time. She assists them in releasing the resistances that prevent them from expressing their full potential. She integrates pranayamas, meditations, and Energy Medicine practices to help those who attend her class become more centred and immune to the events that occur around them.

Hatha Yoga translates to the yoga of “violent effort”. The violent effort of letting go. 

It is about bringing you (your ego), into alignment with your Higher Self, your true nature, through proper postures (āsana), breath discipline (prāṇāyāma), and meditation (dhyāna). It’s about the coming together of all polarities, such as sun (ha) and moon (tha), male and female, good and bad, inhale and exhale, day and night, and so on.

In this class, you will try the postures from a different perspective. You will stay in the postures long enough to be able to adjust your alignment and regulate your breath.  

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