Self Defense Classes in Lebanon

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Self Defense Classes

Self-Defense Class in Lebanon with Rami Abou Jaoude

Rami Abou Jaoude is a registered Thai massage therapist with the Thai healing alliance international, and a registered Thai massage teacher with Ongs Thai massage school (Chiang Mai, Thailand)

He is a Taekwondo black belt, National coach and referee and was the head of the technical committee for the Lebanese taekwondo federation. 3rd dan Prokwondo, Instructor in prokwondo , chi Na and Hosinsul.

He also teaches weapon handling and self-defense and was the self-defense teacher at the LU and LAU.

A self defense class is a countermeasure that involves defending the health and well-being of oneself from harm. When thinking about self defense in that manner it might entitle that we are facing a danger hence need protection.

At Lama Yulu However, we like to think of self defense as a tool to create confidence and security in a person. Knowing that you are able to protect your ownself, and that you can rely on yourself is a great help for your self esteem and self worth.

This one hour class will include some warm up, some streching and some light conditioning and of course we start with the basics of how to punch, how to kick etc

The class will then continue with Self defense techniques that don’t require any strength, however you will learn to use your body and its weight through those techniques to subdue the threat. Which means that our weight and size does not matter at all.


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